Visiting Cape Breton 

Visiting Cape Breton is an educational and entertaining getaway for people of all ages. Cape Breton has a rich cultural history and provides a lovely landscape for tourists from all over. Visiting Cape Breton gives one the possibility to explore some of Nova Scotia’s breathtaking natural wonders. Whether it be to stroll through the Cabot trail or to bask at the Glory of the Brass D’Or Lakes. It boasts such activities as golfing, hiking, bout tours, cross country skiing, a lively music scene, a rich and unique culinary history, a wide variety of accommodations, from simple homely cottages to high end resorts and a classical night life. 

Cape Breton Island

Natural Wonders

Natural wonders such as the Cabot Trail and the Brass D’Or Lakes make visiting Cape Breton ideal for nature lovers. The Cabot Trail is deeply engrained in the history of Cape Breton. The trail is a memorial of the famed explorer John Cabot who first discovered the island in 1497 and was responsible for the foundation of early settlements. The Cabot trail arches around the northern tip of Cape Breton Island and spans 185 miles or 298 kilometers long with breathtaking views around every corner. Along the trail you find charming small towns filled with amicable residents, rich with local seafood culinary delights and local arts and museums. The Cabot trail also gives one the opportunity to take in the Highlands National park or take a whale watching tour. 

The Bras D’Or Lakes are also a lovely destination for nature lovers seeking a peaceful retreat frpm the hectic pace of everyday life. The Bras D’Or lakes, the original home of the Mik Mac offers a unique view of the native culture of Cape Breton. The lake is said to have been named due to the way the sun hits the water and gives off a golden reflection. The Bras D’Or lakes offer an in-depth look into the culture and language of the Mik Mac while also taking our breath away with its picturesque shoreline and beautiful array of wild life. The Bras D’Or lakes offer ample opportunity to bike, hike and bird watch or to simply revel at the natural landscape. 

Cape Breton Music 

Cape Breton also gives every tourist the opportunity to bask in its unique musical history. Visiting Cape Breton allows us to study the roots of the Canadian-Celtic music scene. The fiddle is found at the heart of every music lover on this island and it is hard to goanywhere without being drawn in by the sounds of mastery of this instrument in Cape Breton. Before there where bars and nightclubs in Cape Breton there were Ceilidh’s, classical Gaelic social dances where live music blares late into the night and dancing dominates. For those adventurers looking for a party that dates back far beyond our modern concept of nightlife Cape Breton is the place for you! 

Cape Breton offers travelers an in-depth look into one of Canada’s oldest settlements. With its breathtaking scenery, unique history, delicious local seafood delights and lively music scene, Cape Breton is an enlivening place for any traveler seeking to widen their horizons.

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