Mexicans Visiting Canada 

Under the Canadian government, citizens from certain countries must obtain a temporary visa before they can visit the country. Mexicans visiting Canada however, can do so without having to procure a visa, provided their stay is for a period of six months or less. Mexicans can also come to Canada for business or education purposes, but will need a special work or study permit before crossing over. 

Note: all visitors from Mexico require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) if arriving by plane (an eTA is not necessary if arriving by land or sea). 


Entry Eligibilit 

Even though a temporary visa is not necessary, Mexicans visiting Canada must still satisfy a number of requirements to be eligible for entry. These include:

  • A valid travel document, such as a passport
  • A medical exam showing evidence of being in good health
  • A letter of invitation from a person residing in Canada, if needed
  • A biometrics profile (photo and fingerprints) - for those traveling to Canada for work, study or immigration purposes

Mexicans Visiting Canada for Work 

In Canada, most temporary work positions for foreigners require a work permit; however, there are some jobs that do not call for it. 

The employer’s first responsibility is to find out if the job applicant is eligible to work in Canada. In some instances, the employer has to consult with the Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) department and obtain a labour market opinion, which will then confirm whether or not the employer can fill the job position with a foreign employee. 

To apply for a work permit outside of Canada, the individual must provide proof of an existing job offer in Canada, a completed application and written authorization from the HRSDC. There is an application process and fee associated with obtaining a work permit.

Mexicans Visiting Canada

Mexicans Visiting Canada for School 

Each year students from all over the globe come to Canada to pursue their studies. To apply for a study permit, the individual must first show proof of identity and proof of acceptance into a recognized educational institution in Canada. They must also confirm that they possess the financial means to pay for their tuition fees, living expenses and transportation costs back to Mexico. 

Study permits are typically valid for the entire term of the study program, plus an added 90 days. Those who plan to take a course or program lasting six months or less do not require the permit.

Super Visa Insurance

Mexicans Visiting Relatives in Canada

As of December 1, 2011, parents and grandparents from Mexico can visit their relatives in Canada using the Super Visa. This visa allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit Canada for up to two years. Visitors can make multiple trips during this period without applying for a new entry visa each time. For more information, see the Super Visa.