Montreal Vacations 

St.Joseph Oratory

There is a certain “je ne sais quoi” about Montreal that is all about having a great time. You will eat well, drink well and be well entertained in this beautiful European-flavored city. Montreal is a very easy city to explore by foot, metro (subway) or bus. And while there is a distinctly French atmosphere, Montreal is a bilingual city and both official languages are spoken by most everyone. 

Olden Days 

Take a stroll or even better take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the narrow cobblestone streets of the Old City. Stop off and wander out along the piers at the Old Port. Visit the Notre Dame Basilica, built in 1656. If you like churches you will also want to visit the magnificent St. Joseph’s Oratory. 

Kid Friendly 

Take the tykes to the Biodome and see hundreds of animals in their natural habitats. Or head out to La Ronde amusement park for some thrilling fun. Visit the Botanical Gardens for a look at some of the prettiest flowers anywhere. If it’s a beautiful day why not take a walk over the Mountain and visit Mount Royal Park? There is a playground and lots of trails to walk along.

Montreal Casino


Montreal is a shopper’s paradise. There is the underground city which links literally hundreds of boutiques, stores and restaurants all through tunnels buried beneath the city. Even on the coldest or wettest days your shopping will not be hindered because the underground city is indoors. There is also St. Denis Street with its beautiful boutiques and Parisian style cafes. Don’t miss funky St. Laurent, the street that technically divided the city in half (when an address has “east” or “west” in means east or west of St. Laurent street” ). Start at the bottom on Ontario Street and walk all the way up to St. Viater where you just may have stop in at St. Viater Bagel and buy what are reputed to be the best bagels in the world. Of course you may find your mouth watering long before you hit St.Viater so feel free to pause along the way to eat and drink in some of the finest and hippest restaurants and clubs in the world. 

Health and Safety 

Montreal is a safe city even at night. Of course, it is always best to be cautious and not travel alone after dark to an area you are completely unfamiliar with. Your best bet is to purchase Travel Health Insurance before leaving home. You can then rest easy knowing that no matter what major or minor health issues crops up you will be covered.

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