Moving to Montreal

Welcome to the beautiful city of Montreal. No matter where you are from you will quickly be enchanted by Montreal and feel right at home. 


Where to live 

Looking for an apartment or a house in Montreal is your first big task. You can check listings in the classified sections of the local papers or simply walk through a neighborhood you would like to live in and look for “For Rent” Or “For Sale” signs. The French versions are “A Louer” and “A Vendre.” 

Notre Dame de grace, Montreal West and Cote St Luc are areas west of downtown that are very child-friendly with lots of schools, parks and libraries. The funky part of town known as the Plateau is located around St. Laurent. It is an area that is packed with bars, restaurants, stores and artists. In general the west side of the city is more concentrated with Anglophones and the east with Francophones. If you are moving to Montreal, your best bet is to spend some time walking through the different regions of the city and getting a feel for the neighborhood. For more information on neighborhoods visit

Health Care 

All Quebec residents are covered by Medicare which is the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (provided by La Regie de l’Assurance Maladie de Quebec). You are eligible for Medicare after you have been a resident in Quebec for three months. Until that time if you are coming from another province in Canada you will remain covered by that province’s health insurance plan. If you are moving to Montreal from another country, you should purchase travel health insurance until such time as you are eligible for Medicare. For more information and to apply for a Medicare card please visit