Edmonton Vacations 

The vibrant city of Edmonton as we know it today was first founded by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1795. You’ve come a long way baby! There is something for everyone in this special city and sometimes there is even something for everyone all in one place. 


Shop till you drop

The West Edmonton Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall and entertainment complex. Once you’ve browsed through the 800 or so stores why not catch a thrill and take a ride on the roller coaster? Or if you really are a thrill-seeker how about a bungee jump? There is also a tropical rainforest you may want to visit. 

Can’t miss a call? 

Check out the Telephone Historical Center where you can find out all about the history and growth of telephone communications. There are lots of hands-on activities to keep the little ones busy and fabulous multi-media presentations. 

If the roller coater in the Edmonton Mall got you going, head over to Fort Edmonton Park. This amusement park features the recreational activities enjoyed in Edmonton through various stages of its history. History Buffs will also enjoy visiting the Royal Albert Museum where you can explore the history of the people and the natural history of West Canada. 


July and August are the warmest months in Edmonton but the nights are still cool so bring along a sweater. Winters are cold. All buildings and all cars have heating (this is true of most of Canada). In the winter you definitely need a good hat that covers your ears and warm clothing. Overnight temperatures in January can reach -40C. The good news is that when it is really cold it is usually also sunny. 

Safety Tips 

Edmonton is a safe city, but whenever you travel use common sense. Avoid venturing too far off the beaten path especially if you are travelling solo or if you do not know where you are going. If you are visiting in the summer months do not forget sun block and bug spray! Travel Insurance is a cheap and convenient way to assure peace of mind while on Holiday so you may want to buy some before you leave home.

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