Yellowknife Vacations 

Beautiful and wild, Yellowknife is the capitol of the Northwest Territories and the home of the Midnight Sun. It is also Canada’s most northern city. There is plenty to see and do while in Yellowknife whether you visit in the summer or the winter. Just be sure to dress warmly if you come in the winter! 

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights

What to do 

Your first stop should be the Northern Frontier Visitors Center where you can get all kinds of helpful info and ideas about what to see and do while in Yellowknife. It is housed in an old historic building and is worth a visit if only to take a look at the beautiful building itself. 

Bright Lights 

One of the highlights of a trip to the Northwest Territories is the Aurora Borealis and Yellowknife is the best city in the world from which to view them. The Northern Lights, as they are also known, can be seen from late September until April. Tours are available starting in the Fall if you prefer to view the aurora from outside the city limits. 

Other Attractions 

There are several museums open to visitors year round such as the Children’s Museum, the War museum and the Postal Museum. The Wild Cat Café is a great place to sit and watch the world go by while enjoying a delicious meal. In the summer there are lots of visiting musicians as well. 

Frane Lake Walking Trail, is a walking nature path that skirts around the lake offering scenic views of the lake and the city. It’s a great spot for a little rest and relaxation. If you enjoy walking, several historic walking tours are offered in and around Yellowknife.



Yellowknife vacations aren’t complete without a fishing experience and you can fish all year round in Yellowknife. In the summer enjoy fly fishing and in the winter try ice fishing. 

Special Events 

The Caribou Carnival, held in the last weekend of March, is a three day festival that heralds the end of winter and the coming of spring. There is plenty to enjoy for the whole family including dog races and games. Canada Day is also a big celebration in Yellowknife with a parade, music and games for the whole family. Longest Day of the Year Raven Mad Daze is, as you can probably guess, held annually on June 21st, the longest day of the year and here in the land of the midnight sun it is a very long day indeed! It’s a party that lasts all day and all night and includes street sales, live music and great food. 

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