Advice for Visitors to Canada

Moving to Edmonton

Welcome to Edmonton, the capitol of Alberta. Edmonton is the fifth largest city (population) In Canada. It is a modern city where good old-fashioned western hospitality abides.

EdmontonEdmonton is the perfect location in which to raise a family. There are plenty of schools, libraries and parks. As well, there are lots of interesting recreational and sometimes even educational activities all year long. If you are looking for information on child care or family services in Edmonton this web site: www.child.alberta.ca will be a gold mine. It lists all sorts of things from upcoming events to where and how to choose a daycare.

Choosing a neighborhood in which to live is probably your first big job upon arrival. There are plenty to choose from. For a description of the different areas in Edmonton and for help in locating a realtor, please visit www.relocatecanada.com. Another helpful web site is Moving in Canada This site lists phone numbers and web links to key institutions you will need to deal with when moving to Edmonton, such as electric and water services.

Health Care
All residents of Alberta are covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (310- 000, then (780) 427-1432). This entitles all residents to essential medical services. To be eligible you must have resided in the province for at least three months. For more information and to download application forms please visit: www.health.gov.ab.ca. If you are moving to Edmonton from another province your old province’s health insurance plan will cover you until such time as you are eligible for the Alberta Health Plan. If you are moving from another country and are not currently covered by health insurance you may want to purchase Travel Health Insurance for the interim.