Don’t forget to check! What travellers can bring to Canada 

Before you travel to Canada, be sure to check what you are allowed to bring into the country. It’s required to declare ANY plants, food or animals, as well as any by-products of these items.          

  • The list of products allowed into the country are constantly changing so it is important to check the Government of Canada’s website before leaving for your trip.
  • Food products generally have a maximum weight of how much you can bring in, depending on your country of origin.
  • If you are traveling with a pet, you may need a rabies vaccination certificate, veterinarian certificate or even an import permit.
  • Unless it comes from the United States, most pet food is not allowed into the country.
  • You can bring gifts into Canada, as long as each gift’s value is $60 or less. If the gift cost more than $60, you will be required to pay duties and taxes on the additional amount.
  • Did you know? You are not allowed to import sand into Canada. If you are bringing seashells as a gift, they must be washed and cleaned of any sand or soil.

Please visit the Government of Canada’s website for more information on what you are allowed to bring into Canada when travelling to our country. 

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