A Vacation in Saskatchewan 

Located between Manitoba and Alberta, just north of Montana and North Dakota, the province of Saskatchewan offers visitors a rich blend of culture and abundant wildlife. A vacation in Saskatchewan should not only entail visiting its exciting cities, but also exploring its wilderness. The province boasts more than 100,000 rivers and lakes and numerous beautiful parks. Its friendly people will make you feel right at home. 

Old Barn in Saskatchewan

Weather in Saskatchewan 

Since Saskatchewan is relatively distant from any large body of water, the southern half of the province enjoys a warm summer during the months of July and August with an average temperature of 90°F, while the northern areas, which are much less populated, experience a sub-arctic climate. Annual precipitation is around 16 inches, which typically occurs between June and August, but without extended periods of rainfall. 

If you are taking a vacation in Saskatchewan in the winter, pack your warmest clothes. Snow is a sure thing in this province and temperatures can dip below 0°F (-18°C) for days at a time, making snowmobiling a popular activity. 

Cities in Saskatchewan 

If you are looking to experience the urban Saskatchewan environment, Regina and Saskatoon are the two main cities to visit. You will find the shopping remarkable, the nightlife exhilarating, and the food fabulous.

Vacation in Saskatchewan

Cities in Saskatchewan 

If you are looking to experience the urban Saskatchewan environment, Regina and Saskatoon are the two main cities to visit. You will find the shopping remarkable, the nightlife exhilarating, and the food fabulous.

  • Regina – You may have heard that Regina started out as a treeless plain near a winding creek; well that is the truth. The province’s capital now boasts over 350,000 hand-planted trees, magnificent parks and plenty of major attractions. The Saskatchewan Science Center, Museum, IMAX Theater and Mackenzie Art Gallery are all considered must-sees during your visit in the city.
  • Saskatoon – This vibrant city has a phenomenal shopping area, art galleries and various attractions. It is home to the Farm Park and Zoo, the Western Development Museum, and the Wanuskewin Heritage Park. From festivals to river races, there is always something interesting to do or see.

Things to do in Saskatchewan 

Taking a vacation in Saskatchewan involves many decisions as there is a multitude of attractions available to satisfy everyone’s interests. If you enjoy the outdoors, it offers world-class fishing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, boating and camping.

  • Fishing – It is no surprise that Saskatchewan has many “fish that got away” stories. Over 68 species dwell in the lakes and rivers of this province. Ice fishing is very popular with exceptional opportunities for catching a big one at Churchill River and Lac La Rouge.
  • Winter Sports – Ice hockey, skiing and snowmobiling are Saskatchewan’s most popular activities when the temperature gets cold. With 25 cross-country trails and 13 downhill locations, your need to burn energy will be satisfied.
  • Bird Watching – People from around the world visit Quill Lakes and Chaplin Lake to stroll through the habitat of over 300 species of birds. You may come across some rare species such as the peregrine falcon, Hudsonian godwit and ferruginous hawk.

If you are more of an indoors person, you can spend hours relaxing in a spa, shopping, visiting galleries and museums, or trying your luck at the casino.

  • Spas – A spa to be remembered is The Manitou Springs Mineral Spa located at Manitou Beach. Here you can relax and float in warm, mineral-rich, salt waters that are said to provide relief for a wide variety of ailments.
  • Shopping – While all of the major chains can be found in Saskatchewan, there are numerous small craft stores selling homemade pottery, silk screen articles, stained glass, bead work, rock jewelry and woodwork. Valuable treasures are waiting to be found.

Entertainment in Saskatchewan 

Your vacation in Saskatchewan will not be boring. There is an abundance of restaurants and night clubs to keep you happy when you want to indulge yourself.

  • Food and Drink – Saskatchewan offers a great selection of restaurants to satisfy all tastes and budgets. Some of their specialties are pickerel, whitefish, wild duck and prairie chicken, all served with local wild rice. Saskatoon berries are a must-try while you are there. Similar to blueberries, they are typically served fresh with cream, or used in pies, jellies and jams.
  • Nightlife – The big cities host an abundance of live music in their nightclubs, many of which are hot spots for dancing the night away. In small towns, summer fairs take over the streets, and the locals make it their duty to show the tourists a good time. The legal drinking age is 19 in this province.

What you will remember most of your vacation in Saskatchewan will be the friendly folk who offered you a warm welcome and a sincere smile. 

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