Understanding the Canadian Immigration Process 

Individuals who wish to reside in Canada must complete and submit a set of documents outlining personal data, prior to obtaining approval to enter the country. If proper documentation is not readily available, the Canadian immigration process can be time consuming. Many seek advice and guidance from a professional firm before initiating the process. 

Canadian Immigration

Application for Canadian Immigration 

The application procedure for immigration requires hopeful individuals to follow specific instructions, which includes the completion of a document titled Generic Application Form for Canada, also known as IMM 0008. Besides their application form, which must be duly completed and signed, individuals must include the appropriate fees, supply proof of work experience, submit the results of a mandatory language test, and provide either a Canadian educational credential or a foreign credential to show proof of education. 

Once the required forms and official documents are compiled, the package must be sent by mail to the Centralized Intake office located in Sydney, Nova Scotia for consideration (acknowledgement of receipt will be issued to the applicant). It is not possible to submit these documents through local embassies. In some cases, additional supporting documents are requested for further validation. 


In most cases, the applicant is required to undergo a formal interview with an officer of the Canadian immigration Department, who will discuss the person’s reasons for wishing to immigrate to Canada, and ask a series of pertinent questions in order to gauge the authenticity of the application. In some particular situations, a waiver of interview is permitted. 

A Decision Is Made 

Once all the requirements have been satisfactorily fulfilled, the Canadian immigration officials make a decision on whether or not the individual is eligible to enter the country for residence. If the decision is a positive one, the necessary fees must be paid, including the Government of Canada's Right of Permanent Residence fee. 

In the event that the individual is not granted immigration, a reason is provided by the Visa Office, and information is put forward regarding the individual's options for obtaining the right to immigrate at a later time. Applicants are advised to hire an attorney or seek help and guidance from a specialized firm in order to successfully navigate the immigration process. 

Valid Cause to Immigrate 

Canada allows particular individuals, and entitles a certain number of persons under special circumstances, to enter the country, such as in the following instances:

  • Federal skilled personnel and trades workers
  • Refugees in dire situations
  • Live-in caregivers
  • Investors
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Prospective entrepreneurs
  • Provincial nominees
  • Individuals with evidence of family sponsorship

Eligibility Requirements 

Not everyone meets the qualifications to immigrate to Canada. The country lists some people as inadmissible candidates for immigration. Some of the reasons an applicant may be deemed inadmissible include the following:

  • Potential security risk to society
  • Insufficient financial means to support oneself
  • Record of criminality
  • Violations of human or international rights convictions or acts
  • Non-compliance with the IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act)
  • A family member is judged inadmissible
  • Applicant misrepresentation
  • Potential health risk to others
  • Involvement in organized crime

Checking Status 

It is possible to check the status of your application online at the immigration website. However, the overall process typically takes several weeks; hence, an online update may be late in coming. 

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