Moving to Calgary 

Welcome to Calgary! Calgary is a vibrant city with a population of roughly 900,000. It has a compact and modern downtown core and is the place to live if you love the outdoors! There are many parks including, Nose Hill Park in the North and Fish Creek Provincial Park at the south end of the city. If you are moving to Calgary, you have settled in blue sky country but the weather can be a little unpredictable: it has been known to snow in July! 


Deciding what part of Calgary you want to live in is one of the first big decisions you will have to make. For more informatoin about teh city of Calgary, see

Health Care 

All residents of Alberta are covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (310- 000, then (780) 427-1432). This entitles all residents to essential medical services. To be eligible you must have resided in the province for at least three months. For more information and to download application forms please visit: If you are moving to Calgary from another province your old province’s health insurance plan will cover you until such time as you are eligible for the Alberta Health Plan. If you are moving from another country and are not currently covered by health insurance you may want to purchase travel Health Insurance for the interim.