Advice for Visitors to Canada

Ottawa Vacations

Welcome to Ottawa, Canada’s beautiful capitol city! There is plenty to see and do so let’s get started.

The Rideau Canal is one of the oldest landmarks in Ottawa as well as being the longest skating rink in the world in the cold winter months. You can skate for miles and stop along the way to warm up with a hot chocolate or a traditional Beaver’s Tail (a type of deep fried doughnut that looks, well, like a beaver’s tail!) In the summer it is filled with boats and just as lovely to walk along. Gatineau Park is also ideal for walking, biking or cross country skiing. The park also houses the estate of Mackenzie King, Canada’s former Prime minister.

Rideau CanalCapitol Amusement
Since you are in the capitol city you may want to take a peek inside the splendid buildings on Parliament Hill. If you are visiting in the summer months (May to August) check out the Sound and Light show which is a dazzling half hour sound and light display of Canada’s history. It’s free and there are two shows per night (weather permitting), one in English and one in French. For more info contact the National Capitol Commission at 1 800 465-1867.

Museum Mania
If you brought the kids you will not want to miss out on The Museum of Science and Technology with many hands-on activities to keep little hands busy. And if you’ve got a little boy in tow you can’t leave without checking out the dinosaurs in the Canadian Museum of Nature. There is also the stunning National Gallery of Canada which houses some of the most beautiful paintings in the world.

Health and Safety
Ottawa is a very safe, friendly town. There are no health warnings issued at present with regards to any diseases or illness. Of course one never knows when you might get a flu or cold so it is better to buy travel insurance before going on holiday anywhere. That what no matter what you will be covered and not have the stress of unexpected expenses due to unexpected illnesses!