Pakistanis Visiting Canada 

Several foreign travellers need a temporary resident visa to enter Canada. Pakistanis visiting Canada are required to secure this visa before leaving Pakistan. 

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Temporary Resident Visa 

A temporary resident visa does not guarantee entry to Canada. An official at the port of entry in Canada determines admissibility into the country when you arrive at the border. This official will also determine the length of time that is allowed for your stay in Canada (most visitors can stay in the country up to six months from their date of arrival). 

There are three types of temporary resident visas:

  • The single-entry visa allows its holder to enter Canada only once.
  • A multiple-entry visa permits the holder to enter Canada any number of times during the period during which the visa is valid.
  • A transit visa is needed for those who must travel through Canada on their way to another destination.
  • Time spent in Canada cannot exceed 48 hours and travel documents must be shown as evidence.

Application Process 

Applications can be obtained online here and can be submitted to The Canadian High Commission in Islamabad in Pakistan. It is strongly recommended to send in the application using TCS or by FedEx courier services as only persons with scheduled interviews are allowed into the office. If an applicant is asked to submit to an interview, they must bring their interview letter with them, otherwise they will be refused entry to the building. Pakistanis applying for a temporary resident visa must also submit their biometrics (photo and fingerprints) as part of the process. 

Pakistanis Visiting Canada for Work 

Most temporary residents in Canada are not permitted to seek employment unless they hold a work permit (in addition to their temporary resident visa). In terms of eligibility, your Canadian employer can help. The employer must contact Human Resources and Social Development Canada and obtain a labor market opinion stating that the job they are offering can be filled with a worker from another country. Moreover, the applicant must have a valid employment offer from the Canadian employer, proof that he or she can satisfy the job’s requirements (evidence of education or training) and a fully-completed application form. In some cases, a work permit can be applied for upon arrival or from within Canada. To determine specific eligibility requirements for such cases, click here. Certain categories of workers will be able to obtain their visa faster than others, and eligibility and application processing times depend on the category. 

Pakistanis Visiting Canada for School 

In order for foreign students to pursue studies in Canada, they must have a temporary resident visa as well as a study permit. It is recommended that students apply for a study permit two to three months before classes are scheduled to begin. In addition to a completed application, processing fee and biometrics, Pakistani students wishing to study in Canada must also provide the following:

  • A family composition form
  • An official letter of acceptance to a Canadian school
  • Evidence of sufficient funds for studies and living expenses while in Canada
  • Police certificate for every country lived in since the age of 18 years old
  • Two passport size photos
  • Original, valid passport
  • Previous educational records
  • Proof of employment for the student and the student’s parents
  • A copy of their National Identity Card


Pakistanis visiting Canada who are in need of help regarding visa application can contact Pakistani consulate offices located in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Super Visa Insurance

Pakistanis Visiting Relatives in Canada 

As of December 1, 2011, parents and grandparents from Pakistan can visit their relatives in Canada using the Super Visa. This visa allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit Canada for up to two years. Visitors can make multiple trips during this period without applying for a new entry visa each time. For more information, see the Super Visa.