A Vacation in New Brunswick 

Taking a vacation in New Brunswick consists of not only an adventure in nature, but also an encounter with interesting culture and a lot of history, since it is one of Canada's four original provinces. Although the province offers numerous museums and historical buildings, it also has many breathtaking parks of natural beauty. 

The region is an adventure lover's dream come true. Activities such as cave exploration, whale watching, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, and biking are popular. In the winter, there is skiing and snowmobiling. If you are looking for a calm and serene experience during your vacation in New Brunswick, you can do some bird watching, or simply relax in one of the many full menu spas.

Vacation in New Brunswick

Weather in New Brunswick 

New Brunswick boasts some of Canada's warmest summers with an average daily temperature of 73.9 degrees Fahrenheit, and winter temperatures staying just above freezing. Your vacation in New Brunswick should take into account the time of year, as you will need to pack accordingly. This province enjoys the wonderful variation of all four seasons. 

In the summer, rainfall is relatively modest and temperatures can reach 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Autumn with its colorful foliage comes quickly, lasting through October. 

Winter lasts about four months, with the first snow typically happening at the end of November. Snowfalls in New Brunswick are intense, often averaging between 8 to 12 inches at a time; they are a welcome gift for those who enjoy the outdoor winter activities. Despite the cold temperatures, the sun shines brightly and strong most days. 

Main Cities in New Brunswick

  • Fredericton – The capital of New Brunswick, Fredericton, boasts an endless list of interesting things to do and see. Killarney Lake Park, The Green Park, Officer's Square Park, and Reading Park offer walking trails, beaches, and winter skating rinks for the whole family to enjoy. York Sunbury Museum, Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Boyce Farmer's Market are considered favorite spots by tourists. The city hosts an abundance of film and music festivals throughout the year.
  • Moncton – Located in the Petitcodiac River Valley, Moncton is the second largest city in the Maritime Provinces. Centennial Park provides lighted hiking trails and cross country skiing. The city has a ballet theater and a symphony orchestra. Moncton Museum, Magic Mountain Water Park, Crystal Palace Amusement Park, and worldwide-known Magnetic Hill should not be missed.
  • Saint John – This city is the ideal place to just sit and watch the ships roll in during your vacation in New Brunswick. Here you will discover the magic of Bay of Fundy's reverse rapids whose power forces the waters to actually reverse their flow. Saint John is home to New Brunswick Museum, Vanish Kingdom Amusement Park, Cherry Brook Zoo and Irving National Park.


Crystal-clear freshwater beaches such as Kiwanis Centennial Beach, Dominion Park Beach, Lakewood Reservoir, Rockwood Park Beach and Silver Lake are ideal locations for swimming, fishing, boating or just soaking up the sun. 

For those looking for rich marine life and awesome landscape, New Brunswick’s many saltwater beaches, such as New River Beach, Mispec Beach, Katy's Cove Beach and Indian Point Beach deserve to be explored. Special Attractions

  • Magnetic Hill – A vacation in New Brunswick is not complete without a trip to this famous spot, where you will experience an incredible phenomenon. On of the slope, your car will roll uphill when you remove your foot from the brake. On these grounds, you will also find a water theme park, a railroad, and a zoo that houses over 400 animals to entertain the young and old.
  • Crystal Palace Amusement Park – Rain or shine, snow or wind, this indoor amusement park runs year round. From roller coasters to wall climbing, you will find lots of fun here.
  • The Hopewell Rocks – These are a top attraction on the shores of Bay of Fundy. Considered a World Marine Wonder, these unique rock formations have developed over thousands of years. Visitors can walk among them when the tide is low, or kayak over the same area when the tide comes in. Here you will witness some of the world’s highest tides.
  • Cape Enrage – Anyone taking a vacation in New Brunswick must see one of Canada's most spectacular panoramic scenery. From atop cliffs that are 150 feet high, you are provided with a breathtaking view of the bay, from Quaco to Dorchester to Apple River. You can repel down the cliffs to a fossil beach and explore a coastal trail.
  • Saint John City Market – Located in an old historical building, it provides an original shopping experience every single time. The place displays local crafts and souvenirs, houses little cafes and greengrocers, and accommodates many country vendors. Tourists gather at the wrought iron gates every morning and wait to hear the bell that indicates the onset of the shopping day.

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