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Calgary Stampede

Cowboy Country 

If you come in July, you can’t (and won’t be able to) miss the Calgary Stampede, a local annual rodeo and agricultural fair that includes al kinds of activities. Calgary Stampede

Olympic Fever 

Calgary was host to the Winter Olympics in 1988 so your first stop might be Canada’s Olympic Park. You can tear down the slopes in a bobsled or soar across the sky on the 90 meter ski jump. Visit the Calgary Tower where the Olympic Flame burned during the Olympics and get a spectacular view of the city.

Kids of all ages 

Heritage Park contains a historical village that replicates one that would have existed in the west of Canada in the 1800’s. There are also rides from the era and a train the goes through the town. The Calgary Zoo is another stop you’ll want to make. The Zoo houses over 1000 animals from all over the world including a few dinosaurs in the Prehistoric Park. Also located on the grounds are the lovely Botanical Gardens. 

Outdoor Activities 

Fish Creek Provincial Park has over 54 miles of trails for hiking, biking or running. And Banff is a just a short two hour drive away through the beautiful Rockies. It is well worth a day trip. 

Health and Safety 

While West Nile Virus is active in Alberta, the risk of being infected is very low. The disease is transmitted primarily by getting bitten by an infected mosquito. Your best bet is to avoid getting bitten altogether. Use a bug deterrent that contains DEET. There are wild animals in the west, (especially if you head off to Banff and hiking in the mountains) so avoid taking trails that are not marked. If you are travelling solo make sure someone knows where you are headed and when you expect to return. Buy Travel Insurance before you leave home to avoid unnecessary expenses. Visit for more safety tips for travellers.

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