A Vacation in Manitoba 

The province of Manitoba offers a picture-perfect outdoor experience. A family vacation in Manitoba means endless things to do and see. For couples, romance can be found not only on a beautiful nature hike, but also in any one of Winnipeg’s many cozy restaurants. 

Manitoba is considered one of Canada's most ethnically diverse provinces, which allows for a great variety of outstanding cuisine and a generous supply of cultural festivals. A vacation in Manitoba provides spectacular scenery and a chance to meet warm and friendly people. 

Vacations in Manitoba

Weather in Manitoba 

According to Environment Canada, Manitoba is ranked first for having the clearest skies and most sunshine year round. However, do not let that sunshine fool you; the province has exceptionally long winters of bitter cold temperatures. 

The northern area falls into the sub-arctic climate, making it an ideal region for vacationers who want to experience various exhilarating snow activities. 

Southwestern Manitoba is drier and prone to drought. Summers typically range from warm to hot, with a low humidity level, while the winter season often sees snow blizzards due to the flat landscape. 

If you are taking a vacation in Manitoba‘s southern region, and plan on visiting Winnipeg, the winters there are cold and snowy but the summers are nice and hot, claiming Canada's highest humidity index. Winnipeg typically sees an average winter temperature of -7 degrees Fahrenheit, with a comfortable summer that ranges between 60 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A Family Vacation in Manitoba 

Manitoba is a fun and safe place to bring your whole family. It offers a wide variety of attractions for the young and old, a few of which are listed below:

  • Duck Mountain Provincial Park – These campgrounds have it all, from boat or canoe rentals, to fishing packages, numerous hiking trails, and even a restaurant. You can rent diving or snorkeling equipment and explore the waters, or spend the day lounging on the park’s sandy beaches.
  • Manitoba Children's Museum – This is not your average museum but one especially interesting and memorable for your kids. They can have fun discovering an underwater beaver lodge, examining a refurbished diesel engine, and climbing a 17 feet high oak tree.
  • Asessipi Winter Park – For the winter sport enthusiast, this family resort provides 25 snowboard and downhill ski runs, as well as a perfect opportunity to try snow tubing.
  • Westman Reptile Gardens – Here, Canada presents its largest collection of reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians, including alligators, lizards, snakes, frogs and spiders.
  • River Trail – Does your family like to sled or skate? The River Trail currently captures the Guinness World Record for being the longest natural skating trail on the planet.

A Vacation in Manitoba for Couples 

Manitoba is the ideal place for a romantic get away. After your leisurely walk through the back-wood trails, you can cuddle in one of the numerous cozy cabins available for rent. Below are some other suggestions:

  • Paddlewheel Riverboats – In Winnipeg, you will find an unforgettable and romantic atmosphere on a Sunset Dance Cruise or a Moonlight Dance Cruise. Stunning scenery and delectable dining makes for a perfect evening.
  • Whiteshill Provincial Park – A remarkable place for a weekend for two. You can go horseback riding, skiing, canoeing, hiking on the park’s many secluded trails, or decide to soak in a hot tub. Weather permitting, you may choose to just relax on the beach.
  • Hecla Provincial Park – You can opt for one of the summer cottages scattered along the beach, or you can stay at the upscale, newly revamped Radisson Hecla Oasis Resort, where a full menu of couples’ spa treatments are offered. You can rent some bikes and explore the charming beaches and area together.

Fishing in Manitoba 

Manitoba is home to more than 100,000 lakes, making it paradise for those who love to fish. In fact, it is considered one of the top fishing destinations in the world, and accommodates visitors from around the globe. A few of the massive fish that might snag your line are pike, trout, walleye, bass perch, and possibly a 30 pound catfish. If a winter vacation in Manitoba is your plan, then you should definitely take this perfect opportunity to try ice fishing, a popular sport in this province. 


Winnipeg is Manitoba's largest city, a favorite destination for tourists on the go. The city offers an abundance of museums, theaters, restaurants, and of course shops. Some interesting places to visit are: Forks National Historic Site, Assiniboine Riverwalk, Assiniboine Park Zoo, Johnston Terminal and the Royal Canadian Mint. The city hosts numerous festivals and music celebrations throughout the year, so spend some fun time in Winnipeg. 

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