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Maple Sugar Festival

Spring has sprung and that means maple sugar season! Canadians have long honoured the tradition of visiting the sugar shack during the springtime, and the Richelieu Park’s Sugar Shack is holding a Maple Sugar Festival. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, the Richelieu Sugar Shack taps 1000 trees every year in order to produce approximately 400 litres […]


Do I need a visa to visit Canada?

Depending on your country of origin, you may need to apply for a visitor visa in order to enter Canada. If your country of citizenship is among the list of those requiring a visitor visa (also known as a temporary resident visa) and you do not apply for one before your trip, you may be […]


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If you are about to visit Canada, the first thing you should do is inform yourself about Travel Medical Insurance.

Information for visitors to Canada

Travel Medical InsuranceTravel medical insurance is often that last thing you think of when planning a trip to Canada. Canada, after all, is a peaceful country with placid lakes and pristine wilderness; not at all the kind of place where medical emergencies are likely to happen. Besides, there are more important things than travel medical insurance to worry about, right? Things like last-minute flight cancellations and overbooked hotel rooms.

Wrong! While Canada is indeed a peaceful country, it's critical to realize that medical emergencies can happen there just like anywhere else, and that travel medical insurance is important. While you're unlikely to come down with a deadly tropical fever or become sick from contaminated food or water, you may well face an unexpected illness or accident that could, without travel medical insurance, cost you thousands of dollars in unexpected hospital/medical expenses.

Although most travel insurance policies cover accidents, accidents rarely happen. More often it is the simple and common everyday ailments such as the flu and other viruses that send people to the doctor or hospital. The cost of simple medical examinations, administered vaccines and prescribed medication can quickly drain travel funds.

Flying to CanadaAs a visitor from another country, you're not covered by Canada's National Health Care program. Moreover, your domestic health insurance policy may not provide adequate coverage when you're travelling or residing outside your home country. Travel Insurance is a quick and simple way of being covered for these unforeseen costs. A long awaited vacation can turn into a major disappointment if it’s spent in the hospital and an even bigger disappointment if unexpected medical bills accumulate. There are many companies that offer travel medical insurance. Your mission should be to find the one that's right for you.

When choosing travel medical insurance for a visit to Canada, it's a good idea to purchase from a Canadian insurance company. They know the medical system and are familiar with costs and common health risks. They're also easier to get in touch with if a medical emergency should arise during your stay.

It's important to choose a policy that gives you sufficient coverage. A basic plan should cover each family member up to an appropriate amount, and should include benefits such as ambulance expenses, laboratory tests, doctor bills and public hospital rooms.

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